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Hello world!

January 24, 2011 6 comments

I suppose that “Hello World” is the first thing that any blogger should do when starts a blog. So here I go “HELLO WORLD!!!” The aim of this blog is to gather my thoughts and experience around learning R and hopefully to get a lot of insights from my readers.

Officially this is my third attempt to learn R and I must say things are looking up this time. I think in the first 2 occasions the problem I had was related to trying to learn R in the same way I learnt SAS and SPSS. R is a different piece of software and therefore needs to be learnt in a different way.

This time I am using the R for SAS and SPSS users  book as my bible and now  I am able read the R short reference card without thinking “how can I translate this chinese to english?”. I’d recommend this book to anybody wanting to learn R, even for those of you who don’t know SAS or SPSS as the explanations are very clear and is just at the end of every chapter where you can see a comparison between R and SAS & SPSS.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my journey and definitely I hope you can get some valuable ideas from my posts.




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